Sharing the space with the bar is our Noble Wine store. After enjoying wines by-the-glass at our bar you have found your all-time favourite, on your way home just pick it up in our store or select any of more than 400 wines from small family owned estates. (And vice versa!)

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Special orders

Maybe you haven’t found your favorite wine anywhere in Riga! You want a specific vintage or particular size! We are up for the task! Our team will find the wine you are searching for, will deliver it to you from anywhere in Europe to Riga in the shortest time possible and will offer the best price.

Wine school

If you've ever wanted to delve a little deeper into the world of wine but haven't found the right place, then take a look at our Wine school! Learn how to slosh, swill, sip and spit like a pro! From beginners to advanced scholars, our wine courses cover all abilities but above all are fun. Our sommeliers lead the class on an exploration of the vast world of wine!

Wine tastings and events

Unparalleled wine tasting experience for large groups or smaller companies. Schedule your wine tastings for your birthday, anniversary or corporate event. Whether the opportunity to taste a huge range of wines from a single region or to compare the styles, our events are a great way to expand your wine knowledge in relaxed surroundings and great company.

Sommelier Consultation

You always wanted to have your own wine cellar or a small collection full of amazing and quality wines but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you already have a beautiful cellar and just want to know the real value of what’s inside! We have knowledgeable and skillful group of sommeliers that are always ready for your every wine-need.

Wine tours

Whether you want to stroll through wine gardens of Campania or spend your spring break in Champagne while enjoying and learning about wine, we got you covered! Noble Wine organizes tours to famous vineyards all through Europe. A chance to meet legendary wine makers, indulge in local cuisine and visit top notch restaurants!

Vintage Armagnac

Carrying the bottling date, it is original and personal gift. A birthday, a wedding anniversary or other event that is celebrated 20, 50 years later with the vintage of that year. A way to turn back the clock with a Vintage Armagnac.